Related News: Notes on Alternative Autonomy

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“Note to self—If maintaining control over the work equates with creative freedom, then creative freedom means freedom from the market, art or otherwise. While creative autonomy within my work can be established through an indifference to the art market, real autonomy and independence in the world at large is predicated on financial independence. This does not mean amassing a fortune—living standards are variable—but rather that independence is achieved when my financial obligations are within my means. So a job that is unrelated to my primary objectives and drains me of all creative impulse compromises my autonomy. Establishing fiscal stability on my own terms and maintaining creative production are the key components of an alternative autonomy.
Directive—Strategize this one of two ways:

1. Work in direct opposition to capitalism and cultivate an alternative economy based on the exchange of goods rather than money. Do not participate in consumer culture, live close to the ground, and develop a taste for Dumpster diving.

2. Cultivate an alternative autonomous model within the existing capitalist system, developed in keeping with the integrity of my work and ideas. Develop a multipronged approach to financial independence through a range of tactics and a broad application of skill set.

The first strategy could occupy all free time. Expect work to be compromised by absence of electricity and all other bourgeois comforts. Pursue second strategy. ”

——MORE by Christian L. Frock on ArtPractical


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